Project strengthening and extend the electricity transmission and distribution network (PREREDT)



REVIEW PERIOD              JUNE 2019          
PROJECT NAME                                                                     CM-P4 – Strengthening and Extend The Electricity Transmission and Distribution Network (PREREDT) Zone de projet: National
FUNDING (LENDER)                          
  • High Tension Composition

    *construction of the HT line :72%

    *construction of the Mbalmayo tranfo post :100% ;

    *Construction of the Ebolowa tranfo post :97,03%;

  • MT/BT Composition

    *Lot1 (Centre and South) : feasibility studies have been completed, equipment have been delivered to the site, works in the Haute Sanaga, Nyong and So’o, Mvila and Ntem Valley are underway. Those in Nyong and Kelle, Mefou and Akono have been completed.

    *Lot2 (West, North West, Littoral and South West) : Feaibility studies have all been completed, equipment have been received and work in the Noun and Kounnghi have been executed at 18%.

    *Lot 3 (North and Extrem North) : feasibility studies have been completed and the supply of equipment is ungoing (60% already received).

    Acquisition of land titles are underway

    The environmental and social management plan of the HT line has been approved and those of Lot 1 and 2 are ongoing.

  • Global execution rate: 64%

  • Security problems in the North West and South West regions are slowing down works.
  • Permanent blocking of corridirs by inhabitants who are demanding compensation
  • Lateness in the mobilisation of FCP
  • Frequent rejection of requests for disbursement caused by presentation errors.

Source: Caisse Autonome d'Amortissement.