Remark of the Director General


Welcome to the website of the Autonomous Sinking Fund of Cameroon (CAA). It is a great pleasure for me to briefly present this site, and through it the CAA and its activities.


By decree N°2019/033 of 24 January 2019, the President of the Republic of Cameroon made the CAA a special public institution, thus inducing a fundamental restructuring of the organization. It goes without saying that this restructuring has had an impact on all the CAA's activities, including those related to the website.

The site's renovation project originated in the desire to provide Internet users with a platform that meets international norms and standards in the field.

As public debt management has several activities including general debt policy, regulation, operations management, accounting and statistics, we believe that with the experience that the CAA has acquired in this area, Internet users around the world interested in Cameroon's debt will find material on our site.

As the CAA also has in its missions, the management of financing and projects benefiting from external loan funds, our site is an instrument for exchange and sharing of information between our financial partners and the implementing agencies of the various development projects.

Finally, as a capital market manager, the CAA intends through its website to participate not only in the dissemination of this activity, but also in developing modern instruments such as online transactions for the various financial market players.

The main pages presented to you on this site include:

  • The Presentation of CAA;
  • The National Depositary;
  • The Public Debt;
  • The Projects;
  • Information;
  • Publications.

After all the above, I am convinced that you are now looking forward to starting your navigation. I wish you all the best. But one last thing, we are aware of the perfectible nature of our work. We therefore crave on your indulgence on any imperfections you may detect in it, but we remain open to any criticism or suggestions that will enable us improve..


Mr. Richard EVINA OBAM