About the CAA


The Autonomous Sinking Fund of Cameroon (CAA) is a body created by Decree No. 85/1176 of August 28, 1985 and amended by Decree No. 2019 /033 of January 24, 2019. It is placed under the technical and financial supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

The main mission of the CAA is to contribute in liaison with the administrations and bodies concerned the implementation of the following:

  • Debt policy
  • Project and program funding
  • Capital market management.

The Autonomous Sinking Fund of Cameroon is charge with:

  • With regards to public debt:
    1. Carrying out prospective studies relating to the commitments of the State and its different organs
    2. Provide the government with the analyses necessary for the development of the country's debt policy
    3. Contribute to the research, study and negotiation of thecountry’s external and internal funding
    4. Asses requests for endorsement and on-lending of loans to be submitted to the Minister of Finance
    5. Issuing public and on-lending loans
    6. Evaluate and assess debt servicing
    7. Draw up accounts relating to funding either through debt or grant agreements through international financial cooperation and public securities and all funds made available. 
  • With regards to the funding of projects and programmes :
    1. Manage the State's public borrowing funds from public and para-public bodies and its correspondents in accordance with the relevant funding agreements
    2. Manage counterpart funds and the share of the funds that the Treasury may entrust to it from the deposits of its correspondents or from any other resource in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the agreement between the parties
    3. Ensure, according to the State's programming inthe finance law the prerogatives of disbursement of external financing and counterpart funds
    4. Optimize the resources mobilized for the payment of projects and programs deemed a priority by the government. 
  • With regards to the management of capital markets :
    1. Ensure the codification, circulation and administration of securities and related financial securities
    2. Manage and implement the dematerialization of the securities process
    3. Carry out on behalf of the State, all operations relating to the issue of negotiable government securities
    4. Ensure the security, conservation, coordination, control and supervision of the securities dematerialization operations

The CAA receives a subsidy from the State for its functions and also generates its own resources. Its headquarters are located within the central town of Yaoundé.