Committed undisbursed balances and disbursement profile as 31 may 2019


Estimated as at 31 May 2019, global SENDs are estimated at about CFAF 4,044.8 billion including CFAF 3,944.8 billion of external SENDs and CFAF 100 billion of domestic SENDs. These SENDs are up by 2.5% compared to the stock at the end of April 2019.

1. External SENDs

As for external debt, SENDs (excluding budget support) as at 31 May 2019 are estimated at CFAF 3,810.8 billion, representing 94.2% of the total SENDs. In terms of distribution, SENDs related to multilateral loans valued at CFAF 1,866.3 billion, or 47.3% of global SENDs, are mainly contracted with the IDB for CFAF 401.9 billion, and with the World Bank for CFAF 475.5 billion. Among bilateral partners, SENDs estimated at CFAF 1,458.5 billion, or 37%, are mainly driven by China for CFAF 1,106.9 billion and France for CFAF 147.2 billion. As for the SENDs of commercial creditors, they amount to CFAF 620.1 billion, or 15.7%, and are mainly held by the Chinese commercial bank ICBC for CFAF 177 billion, the Italian bank Intessa San Paolo for CFAF 123.9 billion for Italy, and Société Générale for 122.9.

According to the conventional disbursement schedule, these SENDs can be fully disbursed by 2024, as indicated in the table below:

Table : Undisbursed committed balances on external loans


Source : CAA

2. Internal SENDs

Considering the disbursement of CFAF 25 billion to ECOBANK as part of the financing of PLANUT projects, the amount of SENDs on domestic loans from resources contracted with local banks at the end of May 2019 was CFAF 100.0 billion, as indicated in the table below.

Table: Undisbursed committed balances on domestic loans


Source : CAA